Your Driven Team

You can no longer disconnect from people because of ‘personality conflicts’. Your success inside and outside the dealership depends ENTIRELY on how well you can fuse your team members together so that they are PRO-active in creating success for themselves, your customers, AND your dealership.  Recognizing, appreciating, understanding and fusing the diversity of skills in others will diffuse conflict, increase productivity, focus on solutions, build leaders, increase sales, and directly impact your dealerships’ success and longevity”
        Sheryl Nicholson, CSP

Why the Need?

There’s a distinct disengagement between employees and their dealership – “you can’t sell what you wouldn’t buy”  Every single team member IS a “salesperson” from the first call (or click) made into the dealership to the Service Professional pulling the paper from the car floor before returning it to its owner. Division between sales and service is known and can now longer be accepted.  Each member can hold a leadership position with excellent problem solving, communication, and empowerment skills.  Those skills impact the success of your dealership more powerfully than the number of cars driven off the lot.

How’s It Done? 

Create Your Own Customized Program from a list of modules.  Each module can be 90 minutes to 4 hours depending on the depth of information and expertise you want shared with YOUR dealership.

When and Where?

Your programs can be a full-day event but for best results we suggest time in-between the modules so that attendees have the chance to implement these new skills and techniques and then report back on their success.  This allows customizing success strategies based on the communication style of each attendee.  It is also suggested that you have that same module presented twice and rotate team members in – that way as many people as possible are given these new skills within impacting your dealerships’ day.

Who Are the Trainers?

CSP Sheryl NicholsonCSP Sheryl Nicholson is a top rated International Speaker who has trained companies and the people who lead them for over 30 years.  Her People Productivity Expertise™  is published in Inc, Success. Entrepreneur, YM, Parents, Recruiting and many more.  Her CSP designation is a proven certification that rates her at a 99% client satisfaction.  She has recently just completed programs with Mercedes Benz.  Sheryl has hand selected trainers based on their authenticity and ability to connect at all levels of employment and for their presentation skills expertise. View for full biography.